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About iFellow Foundation

I-Fellow Foundation is a non-profit organization  working in the field of Societal Development, Healthcare, Education, Sports, Environment and Entrepreneurship & Youth Development since  2018 with eminent focus on Youth Evolution & Environmental changes through various national and international expeditions to build the mindsets of youths of the country for creating better citizens of tomorrow and a healthy livable ecosystem.


Be the Global Player in Youth Evolution & Sustainable Environmental Projects.


Discovering leadership spirits in Youths & Create a societal change for the Sustainable Environmental Projects.


Expose youth to different facets of the world through international expeditions & create a sustainable change in society through various environmental projects including creation of forests, biodiversity parks & water banks.



To understand the progress made by the world through various international programs in field of youth development & environmental restoration.


To develop soft skills through various international expeditions, role model visits & mentorships.


To help mother earth to increase ground water level by increasing water carrying capacity of water reservoir through desilting & restoration of water banks.

Apart from above objectives, iFellow foundation is dedicatedly and proactively committed towards two main goals

Discovering Leadership Spirits in Youths

TrainWits is a one/two weeks engagement expedition for the youth between the age group of 14-20 to promote awareness on different facets of life in India and abroad – the progress made by the world in various fields like social, economic, industrial, education,  science & technology, communication, IT, history & culture.

Sustainable Environmental Projects

and ecosystem. We envisage that our initiatives will soon become a beautiful drive with development of sustainable green forest and rich biodiversity along our precious natural water reservoirs. 

These Eco-Parks will act as green lungs and carbon sinks for the country, thus creating a landmark in the country’s environmental history. Providing a successful role model which can be replicated in various parts of the country. We have this motto “EACH ONE – PLANT ONE” wherein every individual will be motivated to come forward, adopt a tree and also donate saplings to create a tree bank. 

Trees and Natural Water reservoirs are essential for the existence of humankind and are one of the greatest sources of oxygen and water on Planet Earth. Where on one side we are facing the dangers of global warming, air pollution and a decrease in oxygen levels in the atmosphere, there are plenty of trees that hold the entire planet together by supplying sufficient oxygen to all the living organisms.


We are a team of experienced consultants who have visited many countries in the last decade. We were part of the executive team of the Jagriti Yatra which is a national entrepreneurial train journey for youths in India. We are inspired by our learnings from Jagriti Yatra and our journeys of the last decade to kick start this innovative organization for various expeditions  like Trainwits.

Dr Suyogkumar

Founder, Chairman




Project Director


Administrative Head


Water Canal
Water Canal

Rejuvenation of the Nilgiri Baag Water Canal-Nashik

Modern urban lifestyle is associated with chronic stress, insufficient physical activity and exposure to man made environmental hazards. Clean, healthy water resources reduce human health risks & improved quality of life. Less trash increases recreational activities alongside these precious reservoir’s clean and safe walking/jogging trails for the community at large.

Green Spaces have substantial benefits to human beings and other living creatures.  

  • They promote mental and physical health, reduce morbidity and mortality in urban residents by providing psychological relaxation and stress relief, stimulating social unity, supporting physical activity, reducing exposure to air pollutants and excessive heat.  
  • Urban Green Space can deliver positive health, social and environmental outcomes for all population groups. 
  • It is also associated with better air quality, reduced traffic noise and pollution, cooler climatic temperatures and rich biodiversity. 

In joint collaboration with ‘ZHEP‘ (a social work organization based in Nashik) and support of Nashik Irrigation Division, the foundation has initiated the below mentioned environment development activities along the water canal of Nilgiri Baag area, Nashik;

  1. Plantation of indigenous trees along the water canal of Nilgiri Baag area, in a total stretch of 3 kms.
  2. Rejuvenation of the water canal of Nilgiri Baag area and its surroundings by de-silting, removing unwanted weeds and garbage.
  3. Development of Bio-Fencing besides the existing jogging track and the road along the water canal by plantation of bamboo trees.

Nashik as a district is blessed with good yearly monsoon, but because of poor rain-water management and harvesting practices, during peak summer season the district faces water shortage. Usually during summer season all have to resort to supply by water tankers or face water shortage or cuts in water. But by de-silting the canal, its water carrying capacity will drastically increase, leading to increased water storage which will last for a longer time during summers benefiting the irrigation to the tree plantation and surrounding farms.

This will also save a good amount of revenue for the residents instead of spending on water tankers and eventually result in increased ground water level.


Khadakwasla Dam rejuvenation work with Green Thumb Foundation-Pune

Before incorporation of the I-Fellow Foundation we have been supporting this work since 2012. Where with retired Lt.Col.Suresh Patil we worked in the creation of a huge water bank by desilting the Khadakwasla Dam and a natural bio walkway of almost 25 sq.kms by plantation of more than 5 lakh trees in the surrounding catchment area.


Cleaning of Godavari Riverbed-Nashik

In collaboration with retired Lt.Col.Suresh Patil of Green Thumb Foundation we also have worked on a de-siltation project of almost 5 kms stretch (Someshwar to Forest Nursery) of Godavari riverbed in Nashik city.


“Travel opens your mind to become a better human being”

We have multiple phenomenal journeys based on various parts of the World which vary from 1 to 2 weeks. This is one of the core offerings as it helps youngsters undergo several psychological, physical, emotional changes during this expedition as they overcome their inhibitions, struggles and surrounding infrastructural changes to adapt & embrace the real World.

  1. TrainWits – Europe 
  2. TrainWits – Asia
  3. TrainWits – Australia 
  4. TrainWits – North & South America
  5. TrainWits – Africa

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